Botticelli dress

There is this nice italian painting of Sandro Botticelli showing a young women in a plain and comfortable looking brown dress:

portait of a young women, Sandro Botticelli

Botticelli, Young Women

I like that dress because the italian style opening at the armholes and ellbows should allow easy arm movements while keeping the sleeve tightly fit. My last years christmas present by Karsten was a new medieval dress that would be sewn by himself. (As we were busy sewing HIS outfits the year before last year and there was no time for improvements on my wardrobe...) Fabric was ordered quickly, but when it came to the actual process of sewing other pastimes like computer games and such suddenly seemed so much more interesting... But ('gut Ding will Weile haben') my last years christmas present was actually finished earlier this summer :-) so here it is:

italian dress italian dress

italian dress, Glatt 2009

I just couldn't adopt that pose on the painting... (although I tried hard and had Karsten quite annoyed at having to take yet another picture...) The dress is made from red linen (although I now know that upper clothings were not commonly linen), the upper part is completely lined with dark blue linen to add some stability. The plaited skirt is attached at waist level. And of course atleast all the visible stitches are made by hand. Its nice to have a husband who knows how to do these things :-)

And just as hoped the dress turns out to be very comfortable - the linen feels comfortable in hot summer weather and I can move around with ease! This is the new dress in action:

training with the pikes in Glatt

Glatt 2009

(bettina, september 2009)