tent flag

I had made a very quick & simple blue linen flag for our new big tent but I felt it was just not appropriate for our really nice & soon completely painted tent, so I felt I had to make a better one. Karsten and I decided to invent a coat of arms for us, which we want to put on one side of the flag, Britta will put her coat of arms on the other.

November 2009: We decided that our coat of arms should bear two red & golden fishes, because that is the zodiac sign of both me and Karsten (and zodiac signs were already popular in medieval times as you can for instance see in the castle Wolfegg housebook). I sketched the two fishes in a jumping pose and crossing each other (like the swords do in the Lebendige Schwertkunst coat of arms :-) Karsten's fish is the left one with the closed mouth. Mine is the other one that opens its mouth - because I talk a lot more than he does and my maiden name "Schreier" translates to something like 'a person that talk loudly/screams'. (Well, you can't chose your last name...) Above the fishes there are three raindrops, as Karsten's last name means 'rough weather'. The background will be (dark) blue.

coat of arms

a very rough first sketch of our coat of arms :-)

November 24, 2009: I wanted to make the flag from leftover pieces of fabric, as I happen to have plenty and in most colours you can imagine... This weekend I cut the piece for our side of the flag from (very) dark blue velvet and Britta's side from burgundy velvet. I also prepared the fishes using pieces left of a dark red dupion silk and a golden cotton-viscose damast. I want to stitch the fishes to the velvet with golden embroidery silk. And they will need embroidered scales as well... I have also found a 'rough-weather' coloured (grey) velvet among my mother's fabrics leftovers. So I have all I need for our side of the flag :-) Britta needs golden, green and brown fabric for her coat of arms which I all have at hand as well.

tent flag tent flag tent flag

making the flag