Some links which I find interesting, listed in alphabetical order.

online sources for research


large database of high-resolution images of paintings and other artwork. (in german)

Housebook images on Wiki Commons

high-resolution and copyright-free images of the well-known Housebook of castle Wolfegg.

Imareal database

high-resolution images of paintings and other artwork, mainly from Southern Germany and the alps region. (search functions unfortunately works only in german)

useful collections of links/images/sources for various topics and objects of medieval material culture.

Nürnberger Hausbücher

portraits of craftsmen along with their tools of trade and some household equipments, oldest images around 1400. (in german)

Victoria & Alberts museum

nice online database - plenty of jewellery.

Web Gallery of Arts

a lot of high-resolution images of paintings and other artwork, from all around Europe.

Wikipedia Commons

collection of copyright-free images - you can find suprisingly many medieval sources there.

sites on clothing

La Cotte Simple

detailed and well-founded information on 'Grande Assiette' sleeves and step-by-step tutorial on fitting a bodice to build a feminine silhouette (I need to have a closer look at the last).

Diu Minnezit

great site with beautiful reconstructions of high and late medieval clothing, equipment, and accessories. (in german)

Eme's Compendium

great collection of (late) 15th century german artwork and other resources.

Heather's Pages

the site from which I got the inspiration for my Dürer dress

In Nova Corpora

very inspiring site - plenty of beautiful dresses. (in german)

Medieval Silkwork

blog featuring very skilled embroidery, silken pouches, passementerie, and more.

Myra's Costume Pages

another very interesting page on costuming

some shops

Devere Yarns

silk thread in many different colour and thicknesses - the thickest quality is good for lacings.

Gotikzeit Glas

nice replicas of historical forest glas. (in german)

Meister Knieriem

high-quality shoes & pattens, do-it-yourself constructions sets also available for some models. (in german)


Lukasz makes some of the finest buckles, buckle frames, endings, and mounts I've seen.


many beautiful coloured and un-dyed woolen fabrics of high-quality and different weight, some are naturally dyed. They also stock linen.

Nina's shop

very high-quality bronzesmith wares including points in variable sizes.

Pavel Moc

a czech sword smith - Karsten ordered his sword and 'Langes Messer' here. Good craftsmanship for reasonable prices.

Pewter Replicas

pewter belt mounts, buttons, spoons and accessories.

Tod's Stuff

beautiful craftsmanship - I ordered a custom-made, decorated knife and prickler set from Tod.

misc (non-medieval)

Karsten Rohweder

my husband's (who is an IT professional) site :-)
Totally non-medieval: Here you find the results of Karsten's programming / modelling / modding efforts...